Innovative financing techniques are essential for the successful financing of infrastructural projects in the current economic climate of the world. Our Structured financing service helps project sponsors and governments manage risk, finance major projects and developing new markets. 

Structured financing involves the use of financial instruments to meet the collateral requirements of projects with complicated financing needs that are unsatisfied with corporate finance products. This financing model offers a flexible project-specific financial structure designed to maximize economic value and return.

Our strategic institutional relationships allow us to be successful in arranging financing for projects in a variety of sectors in the private and public debt markets. Structured finance transactions are complex and come with a host of support service providers, spanning insurance companies, legal, rating agencies, asset managers and more. The scope of our services is tailored to meet the clients’ requirements. Our solutions are innovatively executed promptly to achieving the client’s objectives.

Advantages of Working with our Structured Financing Team include:
  • Experienced team, flexibility and speed.

  • Combined construction and take-out financing.

  • Non-recourse or limited recourse loan to the project sponsor.

  • Low, Fixed, or variable interest rate with long term options.

  • Maximum financial leverage over conventional financing.

  • Working with an experienced project focus financing team.

  • Off-balance sheet treatment through a special purpose entity (SPE) structure.

  • Partnership with project sponsors to advise, arrange and underwrite financing.

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The institutional debt market is an established source of funding for projects, and an attractive alternative to bank liquidity challenges. Project Bond issuance reached record highs across most regions and sectors, as Project Bonds continued to be a viable financing source across all industries. Issuing bonds is a complex process. Managing multiple stakeholders, deadlines and complicated administrative tasks require dedicated resources and experience.

DiliCapital Bonds Issuer services support project sponsors that are looking to raise debt financing for their projects through the capital markets. Our team takes care of the administrative and operational responsibilities involved in debt issuance, helping ensure that the process and execution run smoothly from inception until maturity. Our Issuer Service is not limited to a full suite of project finance, legal and fiduciary services to aid competitive deal execution. We assist in the listing of the bond on exchanges in jurisdictions that are suitable for the clients’ capital needs.

Working with our law firms, corporate trust and agencies enhance your business strategy and derive benefits from tailored solutions in a wide range of specialist areas such as conventional debt, structured finance, escrow and more. Capital markets transaction offers some distinct advantages to issuers when compared to bank loans including but not limited to fixed pricing; maximize tenor; diversified sources of financing; covenants; flexible repayment and rapid execution.

Our services for Project Notes and Bonds include:
  • Advisory on costs benefit analysis of the issuance of project bonds.

  • Structuring bonds system that reduces issuer’s upfront and funding cost.

  • Designing project bonds that increase investor’s after-tax risk-adjusted return.

  • Coordination with the custodian for settlement in any of Euroclear, Clearstream and DTC.

  • Marketing notes and bonds under a novel best effort agreement that reduces funding cost.

  • Setting up a legal entity in selected jurisdictions and preparation of required documentation.

  • Working with rating agencies and insurance companies for credit rating assignment on bonds.

  • Working with listing entities and corresponding with Exchanges regarding listing and application.

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Our Structured Financing service is comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of a client. Our team, partners and advisers have played important financing roles in project finance in public and private ventures, including:

  • Sovereign Bond

    Worked with our financing partner in the UK and using the sovereign bond issued by a South American country as collateral, we arranged a $950 million long-term loan for a pipeline project in South America.

  • Insurance Credit Bond

    We worked with an African Company to structure an insurance credit bond with Lloyds of London and SOPAC for a US$200 million Insurance Credit Bond as project loan collateral for project loan for a US$150 million project in Africa.

  • Banks and Insurance Guarantees

    DiliCapital worked with a Sierra Leonean Company to structure $50 million financing for a University construction project by reliance on the guarantee issued by Standard Chartered Bank as collateral for the loan. Our team worked closely with the clients and their financing advisors on the project implementation plan.