For an organization to be successful in the capital market, innovative structured financing techniques are essential. Our Structured Finance and Securitization (SF&S) service is a financial strategy for financial and non-financial institutions to diversify risk, increase funding and help improve the bottom line.

In SF&S various debt obligations (like residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, auto loans or credit card obligations) are combined into one consolidated debt instrument, or security, such as a bond. The underlying debt obligations secure the bond.

Securitization transactions are complex so we work with a host of support service providers, spanning legal advisers, rating agencies, asset managers and more. The scope of our services is tailored to meet the clients’ requirements. Our advisory and solutions are innovatively combined with timely service in achieving your objectives.

Our Structured Finance and Secularization transactions services include:
  • Public market transactions and private placements

  • Derivative transactions, such as securities lending transactions

  • Complex lease-financing structures such as synthetic and leveraged leasing transactions, in a broad range of asset classes

  • All asset classes, from auto loans and leases to credit card receivables, commercial and residential mortgages, collateralized loan obligations, collateralized debt obligations, and equipment leases

We work with international law firms, financial and banking institutions, investment dealers, issuers, credit enhancers, underwriters, trustees, and credit-rating agencies to meet our client structured finance and securitization requirements.


Our Structured Finance & Securitization  services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of a client. We know the element that are necessary for  success in structured financing and securitization transactions. We provide several advantages: 

  • Expertise:

    We have highly experienced structured finance professionals. Our services allow clients to focus on their key strategic goals while we handle the structuring and securitization of their assets.

  • Flexibility:

    We are flexible in our approach, with a broad range of services regarding project funding.

  • One point of contact:

    You deal with one contact who co-ordinate internally within our project finance team.

  • Independence:

    DiliCapital is not a financial institution, accounting, law, or tax firm. This independence guarantees the interest of our clients.

  • Global:

    We have an extensive footprint in over 50 countries.