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DiliCapital offers Project Management solutions for a project’s life-cycle, from inception to completion. We focus on the needs and interests of our clients, ensuring we manage the project in line with the vision and objectives of all stakeholders. Our services cover large and small strategic projects in both the public and private sectors in diverse industry sectors.

We coordinate and interface with other disciplines and stakeholders, and manage the owner’s design, development, implementation, construction, outreach to stakeholders, and the public where necessary. We provide experienced leadership, best practices, defined requirements, manage risk and expectations, applied lessons learned, and innovative solutions to our clients.

By leveraging DiliCapital’s vast Project Management experience in managing large projects, our clients have access to tools and solutions developed that meet their specific project needs. 

With our industry and technical expertise in project management, we are able to provide services in various sectors. We also provide alternative solutions beyond our existing offering, on a case-by-case basis. Our Project Management services include the following:

  • Risk and Value Management

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Contract Administration Services

  • Project Inspection and Monitoring

  • General Contracting Management.

  • Procurement Management Services

  • Project Owner Representation Services

  • Construction Engineering Management

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Work Done:

Our project management services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of a client. We know what is critical to successful project execution, from complex consents.  We allow you to focus on your expertise. Some of our key projects include:

  • Engineering Design and Construction

    Secondment of project engineers to key client projects: Our engineers of different technical backgrounds and a wide range of management and technical skills provided services to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario throughout different project phases.

  • Operations Review and Reorganization

    Led an internal reorganizational review of the departments within a Canadian government entity. The exercise required reviewing the departments’ energy policies and procedures and making recommendations based on best industry practice.

  • E-commerce and Digital Innovation

    Administered project where ecommerce platforms was developing and marketing new product line. The exercise entailed innovation, design, digitalization, marketing, and identifying future milestones for the platforms.