project financing


Project financing is our primary service. Through our strategic relationships and broad sector knowledge, we have the capacity to arrange flexible and project-specific financial structures designed to maximize economic value and return.

We provide project financing in various sectors including health, real estate, mining, power generation, power transmission, telecommunications, pipelines, transport, energy and infrastructure. We offer a full range of investment banking services from project conception to project completion by leveraging a wide network of accredited finance sources, including hedge funds, institutional investors, investment banks, investment clubs, pension funds, and venture capital firms.

To meet our clients’ needs, we work closely with top tier legal firms and other administrative professionals who have expertise in project financing, financial engineering, accounting, taxation, economics, environmental regulation, and international trade.

Our industry and technical expertise in project financing combined with our network of financial partners, we are able to arrange financing for projects in various sectors. We also provide alternative solutions beyond our existing offering, on a case by case basis. Some advantages of our project finance offering include:

  • Financing analysis, development and execution

  • Non-recourse or limited recourse to the project sponsor.

  • Off-balance sheet treatment through special purpose vehicle.

  • Fixed long-term loan options to minimize refinancing risk.

  • Private debt, compared to multilateral and supranational debts.

  • Fixed long-term loan options to minimize refinancing risk.

  • Combined construction and take-out financing in some sectors.

  • Speed, simplicity and bespoke solutions with early closing

project financing services
project finance

Our project financing services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of a client. We know what is critical to successful project financing, from complex consents and waivers to ensuring responsiveness to requests for information. By choosing DiliCapital your project receive the following  advantages:

  • Expertise:

    As an arranger of project loans globally, we have highly experienced project finance professionals. We allow our clients to focus on their key strategic goals while we handle the arrangement of their project loans.

  • Flexibility:

    We are flexible in our approach, with a broad range of services regarding project funding.

  • One point of contact:

    You deal with one contact who co-ordinate internally within our project finance team.

  • Independence:

    DiliCapital is not a financial institution, accounting, law, or tax firm. This independence guarantees the interest of our clients.

  • Global:

    We have an extensive footprint in over 50 countries.