DiliCapital was founded in 2006 with a modest balance sheet of $20,000 and a wealth of entrepreneurial ideas on creating a financing and advisory business, built on a foundation of uncompromising commitment to excellence. We remain dedicated to our commitment to supporting our clients, our people, and the  communities we serve.

We provide structured financing and project financial advisory services globally across wide industry sectors including government, healthcare, real estate, technology, agriculture, social, energy, finance, oil, gas & mining, commodities, and media.

Our services to sovereign, sub-sovereign, private and public market corporations are for  projects with a minimum capital expenditure  of over USD30 Million. All entities can benefit from our financial advisory service that is designed to meet clients’  project and other capital requirements.

Our goal is to drive economic growth, and make a positive impact by using our people and network of capital partners that include leading institutional investors, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks, law firms to help governments and companies solve problems. Our capabilities are further complemented with resources through syndicated platforms of non-bank funds.

We play active roles in structured financing and project financial advisory in transactions sponsored by governments, corporations and  other private entities  by providing services that include:

  • Project Structuring and Transaction Advisory

  • Arranging Non-recourse or Limited Recourse Transaction Loans

  • Combined Implementation and Take-Out Financing When Required

  • Fixed Interest, Long-Term Debts Option that Minimizes Refinancing Risk

  • Asset Securitization and Structured Financing Services for Complex Transactions

  • Reduced funding costs by the listing of Notes and Bonds in international exchanges

  • Profitable Intermediation between the Issuers and Bonds Investors for Reduced Funding Costs

  • The Issuance of Secured & Unsecured Notes and Bonds and Capital Raising for Governments and Corporations

  • Acting as Representative for Governments, Corporations and others in Raising Capital for Critical Infrastructures Projects