DiliCapital was founded in 2006 with a modest balance sheet of $20,000 and a wealth of entrepreneurial ideas on creating a financing and advisory business with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We remain dedicated to the commitment to supporting our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.

Our services include arranging financing for digital technology projects by the application of structured financing and blockchain technology, financing advisory and project management services designed to meet clients’ unique project financing requirements. DiliCapital is committed to supporting its clients in overcoming their capital challenges by providing high-quality services that exceed clients’ expectations while reducing risks.

Whether you are an earlier-stage scale-up in need to secure your market position or an established business in growth mode, we help by offering innovative structures and modern financing techniques that are essential for success in the world’s current business environment. Our structures and models protect cash flow, diversify risk, increase funding opportunities and support digital tech businesses at all stages, including those with a recurring fees revenue model.

We provide financing for your working capital to speed up your go-to-market, develop new products, hire more staff, invest in sales, advertising, and digital marketing campaigns, acquire another business and attract new customers by expanding into new markets. Our services are not limited to the following:

  • Equity, Mezzanine, and Senior Debt Financing Arrangement

  • Technology Consulting, Financing Advisory, and Project management

  • Project Analysis, Financing Feasibility Assessment and Modeling

  • Capital Structuring Analysis, Transaction Structuring and Funding plan

  • Innovative Financing Through Blockchain and Asset Tokenization Program

  • Cost-Efficient Program Program for Structuring, Issuing and Listing Bonds

  • Bonds Marketing Under A Novel Cost-Effective Best Effort Arrangement

  • Contract Administration, Project Inspection and Monitoring Services

  • Commercial Negotiations, Post-Financing Close Advisory and Refinancing