DiliCapital was founded in 2006 with a modest balance sheet of $20,000 and a wealth of entrepreneurial ideas on creating a financing and advisory business, built on a foundation of uncompromising commitment to excellence. We remain dedicated to our commitment to supporting our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.

Our services include arranging financing for major projects, structuring debts for corporations, sovereign entities, and providing project financial advisory services to wide industry sectors. We remain dedicated to our commitment to supporting clients in overcoming capital challenges and providing high-quality services that exceed expectations while reducing risks.

We offer innovative structured financing techniques that are essential for the success of organizations in the current business environment. This service allows clients to diversify risk, increase funding opportunities for project sponsors that are looking to raise debt for infrastructure and other projects through the capital markets.

DiliCapital also offers an advisory service that is designed to meet clients’ unique project financing requirements. We assist corporations, governments, and other project sponsors to consider and develop new financing strategies for commercial bank debt.

We play active roles in structured financing and project financial advisory in transactions sponsored by governments, corporations and  other private entities  by providing services that include:

  • Project structuring and project financing transaction advisory

  • Arranging non-recourse and limited recourse loan for projects

  • Project financing options analysis, funding development and execution

  • Structuring bonds system that reduces issuer’s upfront and funding cost

  • Provide fixed Interest, medium to long term debts Option that minimizes refinancing risk

  • Marketing notes and bonds under a novel best effort agreement that reduces funding cost

  • Profitable Intermediation between bond Issuers and Bonds Investors for reduced financing costs

  • Support the issuance of secured and unsecured notes, bonds and capital raising for corporate and public projects

  • Acting as a representative for governments, corporations and others in raising capital for critical Infrastructures Projects