We supports sponsors looking to raise debt for infrastructure projects through the capital markets by working with top legal, agency and fiduciary services providers. Our assistance with infrastructure bonds issuance provides entities and sovereign and sub-sovereign bodies with a full suite of services to aid competitive deal execution.

We assist in obtaining the issuance of notes, bonds, and listing of note and bonds on exchanges in jurisdictions that are suitable to the clients’ capital needs. The client understands that to issue a notes or bonds, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) based in a preferred jurisdiction issuance will be incorporated.

The Issuer may wish to list their Securities on exchange with a possibility of multiple listing in suitable jurisdictions.

We can support the following products:
  • Investment Grade Infrastructure Notes and Bonds

  • High Yield Infrastructure Notes and Bonds

  • Secured and Unsecured Notes and Bonds

  • Medium Term Notes (MTN) and Bonds Program

  • Governments and Sponsors Infrastructure Representation

  • Sukuks And Ijara Structures Infrastructure Notes and Bonds

Our services for Infrastructure Bonds issuance include:
  • Advisory on the costs benefit analysis of the issuance of Infrastructure bonds

  • Structuring bonds system that reduces issuer’s upfront and funding cost

  • Designing infrastructure bonds that increase investor’s after-tax risk-adjusted return

  • Advisory on infrastructure bonds market, types, terms and possible issuing price

  • Advisory on market(s) that provides the most attractive terms for infrastructure bonds

  • Setting up a legal entity in selected jurisdictions and preparation of required documentation

  • Coordination with the custodian for settlement - Euroclear, Clearstream CDS and/or DTC

  • Working with listing entities and corresponding with Exchanges regarding listing and application

  • Working with rating agencies and insurance companies for credit rating assignment on bonds

  • Leading the formation of underwriting syndicate group – Purchase & Sale or best effort

  • Negotiating with Broker-Dealers for related marketing services that reduce Issuer’s funding cost

  • Arranging seamless and profitable Intermediation between the issuer and bonds investors

  • Acting as representative to market under a novel best effort agreement that reduces funding cost


Our Infrastructure Bonds service is comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of a client. We know what is critical to a successful debt arrangement. Choosing DiliCapital infrastructure bonds service provides several advantages:

  • Expertise:

    As an arranger of project loans globally, we have highly experienced project finance professionals. We allow our clients to focus on their key strategic goals while we handle the arrangement of their project financing.

  • Flexibility:

    We are flexible in our approach, with a broad range of services regarding project funding.

  • One point of contact:

    You deal with one contact who co-ordinate internally within our project finance team.

  • Independence:

    DiliCapital is not a financial institution, accounting, law, or tax firm. This independence guarantees the interest of our clients.

  • Global:

    We have an extensive footprint in over 50 countries.