Project Financing

Our project financing is capitalized by families of capital partners that include leading institutional investors, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks, law firms, as well as government-sponsored financial institutions, and sovereign wealth funds. Our capabilities are further complemented with resources through syndicated platforms that include non-bank funds.

Our key industry focus areas are oil/gas, power/electricity, housing, tourism, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, mining, education, technology, and other mission-critical sectors, with government-backed cash flows, as project collateral for loan default guarantee.

Working with investment-grade companies, we also act as credit enhancement for senior lenders, both commercial banks and non-banks. We secure lenders against financial and economic loss by indemnifying them ahead of their investments.  This approach helps ensures project sponsors are able to secure better lending terms compared to traditional lending methods.

Our goal is to complete a project financing process within 60 – 90 days after the submission of all necessary documentation, and the delivery of project collateral. The following is our general five steps project  financing procedure:

  1. Project Sponsor sends a  project introductory letter and, a request for financing with the following information:
    1. The total amount of financing required,
    2. List of prospective Infrastructure and Sector development Projects with estimated project costs,
    3. Preferred terms and conditions for the financing sought (provide details if different for each project),
    4. Willingness and ability to provide acceptable project collateral in the form of a instrument cash backed or backed by future cash flow,
    5. Project Executive Summary (including business plans and feasibility studies), if available,
    6. The estimated timetable for when you would like the funds to be made available, and
    7. Any other areas of assistance.
  2. If the Project is acceptable, a phone call will be requested before an Expression of Interest (EOI) is issued. Our EOI contains:
    1. Our terms and conditions for financing,
    2. List of required security,
    3. List of documentation required,
    4. Know Your Client (KYC) documentation forms, and
    5. Other required documentation verbiages, and
  3. Once  EOI is accepted, and due diligence procedure is completed satisfactorily, a definitive Project Finance Agreement is prepared and presented to the Project Sponsor for review.
  4. Upon acceptance and execution of the Project Finance Agreement, the Project Sponsor is required to deliver the project collateral to our designated bank.
  5. Project fund disbursement commences within 60 – 90  days after the delivery and authentication of project collateral.

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