We recognize that the ways in which we engage with our communities are critical components of our long-term growth and success. We believe it is important to incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into our services and investment strategy because good governance and a strong culture of citizenship play an important role in both the foundation and the future of our firm. This is why a commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every investment decision we make.

DiliCapital’s corporate engagement program harnesses the extensive involvement and commitment of our employees with community non-profit organizations. We strive to cultivate a culture that encourages our employees to harness their unique talents to give back to the community. Some elements of our corporate engagement efforts include:

Community Service Day: DiliCapital has a volunteer initiative that makes it possible for employees to take time out of the office to volunteer with local non-profit organizations.

DiliCapital Gift Program: In keeping with our culture of giving back to the communities in which we work and live, DiliCapital’s gift program makes donations to eligible non-profit organizations globally.

Non-Profit Service: Employees at every level of the firm are encouraged and actively assisted in finding non-profit board placements. Through DiliCapital’s partnerships with organizations, employees are regularly connected with non-profit board service opportunities

Corporate Responsibility

  • Environment: We constantly aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations (e.g. energy use, business travel, and waste management) whilst also working with our clients to support their sustainability initiatives.
  • Community: We always contribute to our communities through activities such as fundraising, pro-bono consultancy, volunteering, mentoring and financial donations.
  • Clients: We work very closely with our clients, delivering long-lasting value and supporting them in achieving their sustainability objectives.
  • People: We are open to sharing skills, experiences, and knowledge with our clients. We have a very diverse workforce. However, the values and qualities we all have brought us together to create a very strong team.

Ethics and Business Conduct

DiliCapital takes ethics and business conduct seriously.  We continue to provide our staff with the tools and training needed to recognize ethical issues and support a culture of open communication and consultation.

Today, a strong commitment to ethics and business conduct and an open discussion of its importance are critical to the success of our business. It provides clarity and creates a greater sense of trust by clearly articulating the conduct that you can expect from the people of DiliCapital. As our client, you can rely on our commitment to conduct ourselves ethically.

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