Project sponsors and stakeholders are now required to integrate Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)  into their project financing and investment process to help identify risks during due diligence, capitalize on opportunities post-financing, and facilitate information that is beneficial to all parties continually. We provide the expertise needed to achieve sustainable returns from ESG strategy. 

No matter where you are on the ESG maturity curve, DiliCapital can work with you to factor sustainability issues into your decisions and embed ESG into your strategy, due diligence, and post-financing value creation plans. We have the experience to assist you to integrate ESG in ways that bolster your investment process, create short- and long-term value, and strengthen your project’s reputation. 

DiliCapital has been active in the ESG space for over 10 years and offers ESG consulting services developed through real experience. Our broad expertise in Sustainability and Corporate Governance provides you with the full context you need to craft an optimal ESG strategy for your projects.

We review risks and opportunities that could have direct financial, operational, and reputational impacts on the project and stakeholders, then we help define and effectively incorporate ESG into the investment process by:

  • Clarifying the project's ESG vision, mission statement, and priorities

  • Identifying stakeholders’ motivations and expectations for the project

  • Creating an ESG policy and implementation framework

  • Constructing a customized ESG action plan to fit present and future goals

  • Defining ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the ESG performance

  • Create and adopt a reporting framework following Equator Principles – EP4

  • Developing industry trend reviews and risk assessments, and

  • Providing tailored ESG training

Work Done:

DiliCapital ESG Consulting service is comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of the stakeholders. Our team, partners and advisers have played important ESG roles in projectss in public and private ventures, including:

  • Environment and Social Package

    We saved the Government of Canada over $5million annually in energy costs by managing its energy projects in Central and Eastern Ontario. We performed a building assessment and cost-benefit analysis for Government properties, ESG for the conversion of commercial properties to assisted living facilities.

  • Feasibility and Sustainability Analysis

    We performed feasibility studies regarding the sustainability of the Town Centre, Toronto. We analyzed and reports on Solar air heating and solar water heating system for Bellville. We also audited government facilities all over Ontario for energy consumption and savings Orillia.

  • City of Oxbridge Use Case Advisory

    We coordinated and managed technical inputs from various subject matter experts and advisors while meeting the requirement of various national frameworks. Our detailed business case report articulated our clients’ expected benefits, costs and impacts.