Our collateral loan arrangements allow clients to pledge existing assets or securities such as cash, financial instruments, real estate, natural resources (oil and gas reserves), marketable securities (stocks and bonds, Certificates of Deposits), Accounts Receivable and other assets as default guarantee. Our minimum loan amount is USD30 million.

Borrowing against assets to preserve both wealth strategies may be a prudent solution for people who would like to consolidate debt, purchase or expand a business, or satisfy any financial need without liquidating assets. DiliCapital collateral arrangements for project financing are capitalized by families of capital partners that include leading institutional investors, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks, law firms, as well as government-sponsored financial institutions.

Our capabilities are further complemented with resources through syndicated platforms that include non-bank funds. Our collateral loan arrangement services are carried out via various structures like corporate bonds, infrastructure bonds, government bonds  and asset securitization.

Work With Us:

Our collateral arrangement services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified to fit the need of clients. We know what is critical to successfully collateral loan arrangements. Choosing DiliCapital collateral loan services provide several advantages:

Expertise: as an arranger of project loans, we have highly experienced project finance professionals. We allow our clients to focus on their key strategic goals while we handle the arrangement of their project loans.

Flexibility: We are flexible in our approach, with a broad range of services regarding project funding.

One point of contact: You deal with one contact who co-ordinate internally within our project finance team.

Independence: DiliCapital is not a financial institution, accounting, law, or tax firm. This independence guarantees the interest of our clients.

Global: We have an extensive footprint around the globe.