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Capital can be raised by the issuance of bonds through private or public placement. This practice allows project sponsors to attract capital without giving away equity. Bond issuance reached record highs across most regions and sectors, as Project Bonds continued to be a viable financing source across all industries. Issuing bonds is a complex process. Managing multiple stakeholders, deadlines and complicated administrative tasks requires dedicated resources and experience.

DiliCapital Bonds Issuing service supports project sponsors in their efforts to optimally satisfy their financing needs. Our team takes care of the administrative and operational responsibilities involved in debt issuance, helping ensure that the process and execution run smoothly from inception until maturity. Our Issuing Service is not limited to a full suite of project finance, legal and fiduciary services to aid competitive deal execution, but we assist in the listing of the bond on exchanges in jurisdictions that are suitable for the clients’ capital needs.

Bonds issuance offers some distinct advantages to Project Sponsors when compared to bank loans which include the ability to secure a substantial amount of medium-term funding; no requirement for credit limits; provides greater flexibility than loans from a bank; allows to restructure the project’s financial structure by converting short-term bank loans into long-term debt;  it provides capital without the need to put up collateral; relatively less expensive compared to equity and Provides additional cost advantages with subsequent issues.

We support project sponsors in their efforts to meet their financing goals by working with you in designing and arranging an optimum bond program that suits their projects. Our Bond Issuing Service includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Review financing options, conduct costs benefit analysis on of bond issuance

  • Design bond system and criteria that reduce issuer’s upfront and funding costs

  • Negotiation, transaction support, administration, and documentation review

  • Coordination with law firms, corporate trust, agencies and stakeholders for execution

  • Work with rating agencies and insurance companies for credit rating assignment on bond

  • Marketing bonds under a novel best effort agreement that reduces funding cost

  • Monitoring, ongoing stakeholder management and reporting


In our Bonds Issuing Service, we focus on the need of the project sponsor. Our objective will be what fulfills the financing need of your project. Our team, partners and advisers have played important financing roles in project finance in public and private ventures, including. 

  • Medium Term Note Arrangement

    We worked with our UK-based law firm to set up a €250 million Medium Term Note (MTN) for a Canadian Company for mortgage loan financing and project development in Canada.

  • Green Bond Advisory

    DiliCapital provided advisory services in the issuance of a $200 million Green Bond in Florida, the USA for the development and construction of a Solar Energy plant in Florida and a hydroponic farm in Mexico.

  • Canadian Mining Company

    We worked with a Toronto-based Company mining company to arrange a $100 million Medium Term Note for the scaling of their mining operation in Alberta, Canada.